10 Best web hosting services

From , on April 1, 2021

Here are some of the best web hosting services for coaches and course creators for 2022.

It’ll help you build your ecosystem on a solid foundation. Enjoy

Table of content:

Section A: How to pick the best web host
Section B: Best Web Hosts
1: Bluehost
2: Cloudways
3: WP Engine
4: HostGator
5 Dreamhost
6: Kinsta
7: A2Hosting
8: InMotion Hosting
9: Namecheap Hosting
10: GoDaddy Web Hosting
Section C: My own web host
Section D: Conclusion

How to pick the best web hosting service

Your host is like your online home.

Consequently, you got to choose your host based on many factors. But here’s in short what to expect from a decent host:

Advantages of a good web hosting service

  • Ultra-fast website (it’s 2022 after all).
  • Easy to operate. Saves your time.
  • Solid anti-hacking services so you can use your personal brand without any stress.

A cheap web hosting service means

  • A painfully slow website.
  • You turn into a nerd to operate it, so you waste your time.
  • Open invitation to hackers

Because you’re using your personal branding, I strongly recommend you to choose top web hosting services.

Alternatively, you can apply with me to help you build your online brand.

Best web hosting services for 2022

Disclaimer: Some of the products I’m recommending in this article include affiliate links, which may provide me with a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for your trust and support. You can always contact me for clarification or if you get stuck somewhere or just to share your story. I look forward to seeing your online business up and running.


Best web host for WordPress + FREE domain name

best web hosting service
Get Started for Just $3.95 /m

To begin with, it started in 2003 for small business owners. Growth wasn’t easy. But it now serves over two million webmasters.

With a basic account, you get 50 GB storage, 5 email accounts, and 25 sub-domains. Which is more than enough if you’re just starting out. But the FREE domain name for one year – steals the deal.

Most importantly, unlike other companies, Bluehost does NOT penalize you when you grow. Let’s dive deeper:  


  • Cost-Effective Shared-Hosting
    Uptime basically means how hard your web host company is working to keep your website up.

    Though some companies boast 95% uptime, Bluehost registers a 99.9% uptime. But the advanced plans have nearly 100% uptime.  
  • Decent SSD Storage  
    Makes your website fast.
  • Good Customer Support  
    Due to COVID, whereas phone support was disabled by others, Bluehost is still offering reduced phone support.

    However, chat support runs on all cylinders.
  • Boosted Security.
    After hackers attacked one of their servers in 2015, Bluehost has upgraded its security.

    Plus, they run the latest PHP versions. As a result, it’s a lot secure now.
  • As of writing, Bluehost is running up to 50% discount for new accounts.


  • Not for massive websites
    It’s a choice of small business websites – who need to balance efficiency and budget.

    But if you run a huge show (millions of visitors per month) then you need dedicated resources and support.
  • Need More Security
    Hackers are waging a war. I feel they are slowly catching up.
  • 2 Data Centers
    Though details are sketchy, I suspect they have 2-3 data centers around the world. In any case you must use Minimalistic Design for organic traffic.

Clearly, for most beginners, it makes sense to go with Bluehost and save up to $361.44.

  1. To join Bluehost click on Get Started
  2. Select your best plan (as of writing, up to $361.44 OFF).
  3. Choose a long-term plan (for savings)


cloudways hosting reviews min

This is a very interesting hosting service provider.

Imagine building your brand on top of the world’s biggest tech companies like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode.

For these reasons, this is definitely NOT for the beginner.


  • Unlimited WordPress Install
  • Free SSL
  • 59 Data Centers around the world
  • Dedicate Server IP and Firewall
  • The basic package has 25GB storage and 1TB bandwidth.

What about Cons?

Now if you’re built on the world’s best infrastructure… then it’s hard to find any disadvantage. But I can say this:

  • Limited resources – since everything is “Pay As You Go” it demands efficiency on every step on YOUR part.

WP Engine  

wpengine hosting review min

This WordPress-specific web hosting service company powers over 500,000 websites.

They’ll provide you with the Theme, Plugins, and Enterprise Solutions. And disallow Plugins they feel are bad.

Basically, all the tech stuff is managed by them. This makes it an ideal choice for non-tech people.

Below are a few pros and cons:


  • LASER Focussed — Managed WordPress 
    Because they deal with WordPress – and nothing else. It makes them deliver a great product and great support too.
  • Incredibly Secured System  
    You get many advanced security features to keep your site secure unlike most of the web hosting services.  
  • Faster Loading Times  
    To that end, WP engine has partnered with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.  

In short, they’re obsessed with speed.


  • No Domain Registrations Or Email Hosting
    Since these guys are focussed, you need to get them separately.  
  • Disallowed Plugins  
    WP engine has disallowed a list of plugins because they cause problems with their internal services.

    This includes some popular plugins like WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. Instead, they’ll provide you with in-house solutions.
  • Premium Prices
    Compared to the other web hosting services, the plans are premium. And recommended for advanced users.

Get Started with WPEngine


hostgator review min min

They started in a dorm room with limited capital in 2002. And then against all odds — climbed to become a leading provider of hosting services.

Over the years, they have made considerable improvements. And in 2022, they host 9 million websites.

You get unlimited storage space, unlimited email addresses, and a free SSL certificate in the Starter plan.

And before I forget, you also get a FREE domain for one year.

Here are listed some Pros and Cons of choosing HostGator as your web hosting company.  


  • Stable Uptime  
    HostGator offers 99.98% uptime and integration with CDN. 
  • Both low-cost and high-end plans 
    Whether you’re a beginner blogger or a high-end Agency you’ll get what you need.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Startup Discount
    As of writing, they’re running heavy discount where you can get started with just $2.75 /m.
  • Automatic Malware Removal


  • 2 Data Centers  
    That too in the USA only!
  • Boost Security
    Hackers are getting smart. Experts agree that they need to stay a step ahead of hackers.

Get started with Hostgator if your clients are based in the USA only.


dreamhost review min

Surprisingly, they also started in a dorm room in 1997. And today, this employee-owned company hosts over 1.5 million websites.

With over 400K clients, you get a 97-day money-back guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited data storage. 

And the best part? Free domain name for an year.

Some advantages and disadvantages of choosing Dreamhost as your web hosting are as follows 


  • Good Loading Speed  
    Dreamhost provides fast servers but it depends on other factors also.
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
    Hang on to your seats, they’ll give you credit if your website goes down.
  • Unlimited Space  
    Space and bandwidth offered are unlimited. And unlike others, there is no inode limitation.
  • Support latest PHP version 


  • No Server Outside the USA
    Unfortunately, if you want to tap into non-US visitors then this is NOT for you. 
  • Advanced Features
    like backup solutions, built-in caching, and staging are missing.  

For these reasons, you might want to try Dreamhost if you’re eyeing the US-based visitors only.


kinsta hosting review min

It’s a new kid on the block. But a high end one.

They provide Managed WordPress hosting (and nothing else).

Since you’re stacked over Google Cloud Platform and KeyCDN. You get to choose from 24 global data centers.  

And because this is a premium hosting company you get all the features you can ask for… like SSL certificate, backups, constant monitoring, etc.  

Above all, they’re transparent and upfront.

Here are a few disadvantages and advantages of choosing Kinsta  


  • Great Speed 
    If you’re stacked over Google Cloud Platform then it doesn’t need any explanation.
  • Close Monitoring  
    If they find any problem then they will fix it… before you approach them.

    On top of that, they’ll fix your website for FREE – if it’s ever hacked (which is NOT cheap).
  • Transparent over-usage pricing
    It helps in budgeting… yet keeps the window open for sudden visitor spikes.


  • High-End Yet Limited Plans
    The starter package comes with a premium price of $30.00 per month but only 50 GB FREE CDN bandwidth.
  • No Domain Registration or Email Hosting  
    This can be a problem for those who prefer all the services under one roof.  
  • No Phone Support  
    Though I’ve never called my web host for support. Things are usually taken care of through messaging. But still…

    Having a phone number gives you peace of mind.  

For these reasons, I feel Kinsta is great for advanced users or those who have an existing WordPress site.

A2 Hosting  

a2hosting review min

At this point you probably have seen a lot of options. And probably have made your mind.

But here’s one more popular web hosting company founded in 2001.

Although A2 Hosting boasts of tons of plans and solutions for clients of all sizes. But it still needs a lot of catching up.

And like a good host, they offer unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, and money-back guarantee.  

Before we go ahead here are some pros and cons:


  • Great WordPress Hosting  
    Without a doubt, the Managed WordPress Hosting is awesome (starting $11.99 p/m).

    Though the “Unlimited NVMe Storage” looks too good to ignore. But the “Shared Hosting” plan is decent for starters too.
  • One-Stop Destination  
    They’ve everything under one roof. For Agencies, resellers, and beginners, it may mean convenience.

    But it also means they’ve spread themselves thin. And might not be able to provide you high-end services.  
  • 3 Server Locations  
    America, Europe, and Asia (SG).
  • As of writing, you can get started with as low as $2.99 /m


  • Checkered Past
    As you might guess, when you try to serve everyone — you serve none.

    In 2019, their Windows servers were down for a week after a ransomware attack. What’s surprising is that they didn’t have the experts to fix the problem for a week!

    Although, they now provide you with free HackScan protection. But nobody knows how efficient it is.

For these reasons, A2 Hosting is a good choice for beginners and Resellers (but with a few precautions).

InMotion Hosting   

inmotion hosting review min

Started in 2001, they offer a wide range of web hosting services.  

But with 2 data centers, one on the US east coast and the other on the west coast, InMotion serves a limited audience.

Here are some pros and cons of InMotion Hosting that would give you a better idea:  


  • Good Managed WordPress Hosting
    Unlimited bandwidth, emails, PHP 7 support like other best web host service companies makes it a good choice.
  • Decent Uptime  
    According to experts, InMotion has maintained an uptime of 99.95% over the past 2 years.
  • Good Customer Support  
    They’ve got an efficient service. Additionally, they maintain A+ ratings with the BBB Agency.


  • Not For A Worldwide Audience
    If you want to tap into a worldwide audience then this isn’t for you. Because they’ve got only 2 servers in the USA

But if majority of your audience falls in the USA then InMotion is a good option.

Namecheap’s Hosting  

namecheap hosting min1

Obviously, with over 11 million domains, Namecheap is a (domain) name you can’t ignore.

But before we get started, I hope you realized that they’re a domain registrar company… trying to expand their product line.

While they’ve got amazing domain service and offer some amazing hosting plans too but I think it might not be for you.

Let me explain with some pros and cons of choosing Namecheap’s hosting.  


  • Decent Speed 
    After all, they give users 20GB SSD storage for just $1.44 p/m. As a result, many users love it.
  • Pricing  
    The pricing is shockingly cheap. But as you might guess, it only provides the bare bones. Read the fine print before making the decision.


  • Sketchy Details
    How much RAM is provided?
    What happens when you cross the CDN limit (50GB)?
    Which CDN service do they use? Is it reliable?

    Obviously, that means a lot of surprises in the backend.
  • No Phone Support  
    Because of their massive client base, they offer Chat support only.

    However, they have detailed FAQs that answer most of the questions.
  • Restricted Plans  
    For example, the 99.99% Uptime guarantee is provided to the highest SuperSonic plan only. What about the lower plans?

    Similarly, there’re many more confusing and restricted terms.  
  • Only 1 Data Center
    Why the UK data center costs almost double? Probably means they’ve rented the space and passing on the cost.

Consequently, it’s a great choice for building hobby websites or portfolio websites that shouldn’t receive tons of investment and thought.

Get Started with NameCheap Hosting

GoDaddy Web Hosting  

godaddy hosting review min

Of course, with 17 million clients and 78 Million domains — GoDaddy rules the internet.

So without any introduction let’s dig deeper into their hosting:


  • Good Managed WordPress Hosting
    Of course, with 44 million websites hosted on GoDaddy, you are in good company.

    However, the Data Centers are concentrated in the USA only (1 in Singapore and EU each). Therefore, I feel they need to do more (considering the massive number of websites hosted by them).
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    On top of it, if they fail to honor the Guarantee then you can request 5% of the monthly fee as credit.
  • Good Support
    With an army of 8,000 employees around the world, they certainly offer decent support.


  • Premium Prices But Unclear Terms
    In other words, the Basic plan is designed for the bare bones. And the best deal is kept for the higher plan.

    The cheap plans turn out to be expensive when you add the basic “add-ons”.
  • Which CDN?
    Whether GoDaddy has created its own CDN or it’s riding on the AWS network we’ve zero clarity.

I’d recommend GoDaddy if you prefer everything under one roof.

My own web hosting company

My website is hosted on Bluehost’s sister company here in India – BigRock.

And you probably know, this website projects my brand of solid performance and minimalism.

And if you want my help to build your powerful brand and let my tech team handle the rest then apply here. I can’t promise you a slot for everyone.


A good web hosting service is a critical for your brand and business. Choose a top web hosting service like Bluehost As they offer a balance of speed, support, and cost.

Otherwise, if you want my team to handle the technical stuff and build your magnetic brand then apply here.

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