7 types of coaches: top niches today

From , on April 1, 2021

Although a coach can help improve almost any area of life (and sometimes they do address other areas). The truth is a coach is hired to solve a specific problem that’s why we have many different types of coaches and niches. If you’re just starting out then consider these 7 top industries for 2022

I don’t have a crystal ball but chances are these 7 types of coaches will always stay evergreen. Let’s go.

Table of Content

  1. Life Coaches
  2. Health and Wellness coaches
  3. Executive or Leadership coaches
  4. Career Transition Coaches
  5. Relationship coaches
  6. Business Coaches
  7. Self Improvement coaches
  8. Conclusion

Life Coaches or Personal coaches

online life coaches - one of the types of coaches
online life coaches

This is HUGE. Life coaching can benefit almost anyone because it involves helping clients achieve goals and upgrade life.

As a life coach, you can help clients gain a new lifestyle, stick with new year resolutions, maintain work-life balance, improve relationships, gain confidence at work or business, or find meaning.

Obviously, due to its vast nature, it’s critical to niche and market your services strategically

The bottom line: If you’re a care-giver and you believe in service then life-coaching is your lifestyle. You may want to turn it into a business.


Grisel Scarantino (my coach)

Tony Robbins

Health and Wellness coaches

health and wellness coaches
health and wellness coaches

In 2018, the United States spent about $3.6 trillion on healthcare, which averages to about $11,000 per person. And by 2028, it’s projected to reach $6.2 trillion, about $16,000 per person.

Despite spending trillions of dollars on healthcare, more and more people are miserable and overweight. A health and wellness coach helps clients achieve health goals – even PERMANENT weight loss. 

Dr. Peter Grinspoon, MD. Harvard Medical School claims that some hospitals are offering it to their patients to allow them to cope with chronic conditions. And many organizations are offering it to boost employee productivity and engagement.

The bottom line: if you love taking care of yourself then this can be a great adventure for you. We’ve many niches within:

  • Strength and Conditioning coach
  • Nutrition coach
  • Senior fitness coach
  • Youth fitness coach
  • Bodybuilding coach
  • Yoga coach
  • Powerlifting coach
  • Lifespan coach
  • Weight Management coach
  • Specific diet coaches (e.g. Keto coach, Paleo diet coach, etc.)

Learn 15 marketing tips for health coaches here.

Executive or Leadership coaches

executive coaches reduce overwhelm
executive coaches reduce overwhelm and increase potential

In 2004, Harvard Business Review estimated the market for Executive coaching to be about $1Bn. In 2020, it has grown to about $19 billion globally. Not surprisingly, top coaches like Marshall Goldsmith gets paid as much as $250,000 per client.

But why does the industry continues to grow exponentially?

Because it is critical. The business environment is rapidly changing. Technology is getting redundant quickly. Margins are getting thin. Plus, it’s lonely at the top. As you know, a lot is riding on key leaders (executive leaders and senior-level managers) so boosting their performance with coaching can be a lifesaver for organizations.

The bottom line: If you understand the pain and overwhelm of being a leader or senior-level manager then this can be a great opportunity for you to impact a lot of lives while creating profits.


Ram Charan

Marshall Goldsmith

Career Transition Coaches

help them change careers successfully
help them change careers successfully

Imagine waking up in the morning and hating your career or feeling like your potential is under-utilized. You want to do something exciting and fulfilling – but how? There’s tons of confusion and bad news to discourage even a life-long achiever.

Millions of people suffer and feel paralyzed to achieve their dream jobs or businesses.

Have you done it before? Then you can coach them for peace, harmony, and successful career transition in their life.


Lydia Lee, Screw The Cubicle

Relationship coaches

parents in park min
help people connect

We are in a toxic relationship with our phones. In a weird survey, half of the women said they would give up sex for it. The human connection goes for a toss with technology.

Let’s deal one by one.

Intimacy Coach

If you’ve learned the lessons of rekindling passion into your relationship with your spouse then this can be a great niche for you.

This is especially useful for new parents who are not feeling attracted to each other or busy couples who want to save their relationship.

Parenting coach

Most parents bribe their kids with stuff to make up for lack of connection. You can guide them to connect with their children and raise smart kids.

Divorce coaches

A report by the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services states that half of the first marriages end in divorce. It’s an emotional process where people split stuff, kids, and pets. And you can help them cope with the transition.

Dating coach

With tons of divorces, a lot of people want to start dating again. But they feel out of touch with themselves and Tinder. Help them get into the groove again.

Business Coaches

make them love their work and grow without burnout
make them love their work and grow without burnout

From getting a profitable idea… to your first client… to breakthrough results. Things can get overwhelming. And soon leaders hate the very thing they once loved.

Worse, sudden black swan events can put them out of business. According to Financial Express, a whopping 74 percent of small businesses and startups are staring at shutdown or scaling down due to COVID.

The bottom line: If you can help business owners fall in love with their business again, find opportunities in devastation and grow without burnout then it’s for you.


EMyth coaching

Jay Abraham

Self-improvement – different types of coaches with skills

help them improve specific skills
help them improve specific skills

Now we are going narrow. If you’ve got a skill then you can help others improve and change their lives. I couldn’t fit these types of coaches in a better place. For example:

Public Speaking coach

Many good leaders go blank when it comes to speaking with an audience. With no magic pill designed yet, you can improve the content, the confidence, or the delivery of their speeches. And help them create the impact they want to achieve.

Voice coach

I used to love those late-night radio spots. The soft voice was my lullaby. Yet I used to hate my own recorded voice.

You can make people improve modulation, melody, accent, or help singers or speakers perform powerfully.

Confidence Coaching

Social shyness is an epidemic. And to some extent, I’m still shy. But there’re millions of people out there – hiding – who can barely talk to strangers to save their lives.

You can help improve clients’ self-esteem and make them confident enough to raise a toast.

Style coach

Everything you wear makes a statement. You can help people achieve a polished look outside and a confident being inside. With this, your clients make the first impression and also sustain it.

Sales coach

A bad sales job can cost millions. These days it can start a boycott movement online. You can help people improve their rapport, their scripts, and their systems for automatic Lead Generation and Lead Conversion.

Conclusion – 7 types of coaches

Frankly, this is not the end. People are realizing that coaching can help them – and we’re seeing new niches every year.

Choosing to become one of the above types of coaches is a great start. It helps you get a grasp on the niche. But the truth is these top niches can be too broad for you to gain clients. You can learn how to market your coaching services here.

Alternatively, learn the 5 reasons why 96% of coaching businesses fail and avoid making those same mistakes.

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