Why I choose the Free Twenty Nineteen Theme

From , on September 29, 2020

UPDATE: Using the Twenty Nineteen theme for some time I’ve realized that it doesn’t take full advantage of WordPress. It can work for hobby blogs. But the lack of customization turned me off and I moved to a lighter and better theme — GeneratePress by Tom Usborne.

If you like WordPress then you know there are hundreds of beautiful themes out there.

After spending almost $2000 on expensive themes and beautiful bloated plugins.

I decided to start from stretch.

And that’s why I decided to go with the default Twenty Nineteen WordPress theme.

Advantages of Twenty Nineteen WordPress theme

Extremely Light And Quick loading

If you’re a new web entrepreneur then you should know that people and Search Engines want your webpage to load quickly… like right NOW.

I tried a very popular theme and it was like a snail mail… To counter I got CDN which was like $20 p/m.

Plus, to make the beautiful theme even more beautiful I ended up paying almost $800 (Rs 60,000/-) for a custom job.

Looking back, I think all that was a complete waste.

Whereas I like the simple and clean design of Twenty Nineteen.

WP Rocket Makes It Even Faster

Below is a comparison between how this blog performed ‘before’ and ‘after’ installing the premium plugin.

Before WP Rocket
BEFORE: Not so good performance
after wp rocket min
AFTER: Better!

It basically means: WP Rocket makes your blog load FAST.

This makes your web-page appear higher in the Search Rankings. And more people reading your blog.

Disadvantages Of the Default Twenty Nineteen theme

It’s a work in progress.

You must create a child theme (another pain in the arse).

Meanwhile, the good people can stop working on this any day leaving you out on a limb.

No sidebar.

And there’s no way you build one.

Though most traffic is mobile. But (LIKE ME) most people come back and make a purchase through Desktop.

So this killed it for me.

If you’re serious about growing your blog for business then this isn’t for you.

But the bottom line is:

You can start blogging with the default Twenty Nineteen theme.

But if you want to grow your blog and make money then start with a better theme.

Here’s a tutorial for this theme.

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