How to craft an irresistible coaching webinar that sells with authority

From , on May 5, 2021

Coaching webinars, or workshops, or VSLs are accused of having low conversion rates after the pandemic but they are still some of the best ways to sell your coaching products or services without you being there all the time.

It is entrepreneurship on fire. And automation gives you the freedom to do what you love – if you’re doing them correctly. Imagine the possibilities.

After creating and reviewing many coaching webinars for high-ticket services and products I’ve learned a few things about coaching webinars. Yes, some of them bombed but the wealth others created is simply unaccountable.

Would you like to convert strangers into clients or inspire trust and credibility with your webinars? Let’s get started:

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. Why do you need a script
  3. How long should it be?
  4. Here’s a free webinar roadmap for coaches
  5. Start with a carefully crafted intro
  6. Develop their interest.
  7. Melt their guilt away
  8. Introduce your story now
  9. Talk about the problem (content)
  10. Talk about coaching and mentoring.
  11. Give proof, proof, proof to build trust
  12. Lastly, offer them a customized solution or a product

Working with clients – being there in the trenches – I can assure you, success is easier when you have someone to provide you feedback, some tough love, some inspiration. This post will do that for you.

First, yes you need a script to create a powerful coaching webinar

Second, that script needs to be aligned with your beliefs and your soul offers.

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When you live your offer, eat it, drink it, breathe it then you talk about it, chat about it, post about it everywhere, and then you’ll see the impact it has on people. And it’ll reflect everywhere and everything you do – even during the webinar.

Here I’ll give you my formula that has worked well for my clients (most of them signed an NDA) which will help you craft a script that builds your authority and sells. And I’ll give you certain tips to create better positioning for your offers.

1) Why do you need a script

All coaches are artists. You are an artist. You’re trying to get the best performance out of your clients. And when you’re on stage you need to be prepared with your dialogues. Of course, you have the flexibility to improvise. But you still need a script.

2) How long should it be?

I’d say anything between 20-45 minutes is okay. But it needs a strong narrative without which it can fail to make the impact you want. So how to create that strong and bold narrative? Continue reading this.

Here’s a free webinar formula or template for coaches:

3) Start with a carefully crafted intro

Don’t take this lightly. Most people make this mistake. They think about selling. And that’s what everyone else is doing.

If you sell the moment your webinar opens, you look like everyone else. What do you do then? Isn’t your webinar designed to sell?

Well it’s designed to sell. But use this space to create rapport with them.

Imagine a friend coming to you for some suggestions. Most people simply launch into a pitch, “do this, don’t do that.”

If you do the same thing, would that make any difference? Would you like to be someone different? Would you like to be someone they can trust?

In that case, you need to pace and lead your audience. This achieves two goals. Imagine that friend clicked a few buttons and she landed up on a screen. She isn’t sure whether this is on the right page.

So, your first job is to assure them that they are at the right place. Here’s a sample script:

Hi this is [YOUR NAME] and on this lovely day I welcome to today's masterclass: [TITLE]

NOTICE: I call it a “masterclass”. And it goes without saying that your title must be attractive but that’s something you do before the webinar. I give certain title formulas in this workshop.

And notice, if your audience is going through a tough time then your script changes. You reflect similar emotions. Let’s say they are sad about a recent breakup then you might say something like:

Hi this is [YOUR NAME] and as we know this is a tough situation; I'm sending you to love and healing right now…

This part is critical. If you miss their vibes in the beginning, you might never be able to recover again. The first impression is truly the last.

4) Develop their interest.

In marketing lingo, this is called hook or angle. If you have a great idea you have the eyeballs. The easiest way to get their interest piqued is to share a piece of contrary information.


While everyone in the beauty industry is desperate to make you look young. Boom by Cindy is different. Their hook is to help you wear your age with pride. And it works.

Another Example:

The Health field is full of products to give you instant weight loss, which is unsustainable. My health coaching brand – JuhuGym is all about unlocking your knack to stay fit. Once you have this knack you automatically stay fit for life. No more yo-yo diet plans or sacrificing.

Here’s why this is important:

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Before you sell your coaching, sell them the webinar itself.

Sell them why they need to sit there and listen to you… why this is different from everything else they have tried before?

If you’re a Voice coach, then tell them the content conveys only 7% of the communication. Whereas a person’s voice is 38% of communication.

If you’re a confidence coach, then tell them why confidence is the key in life. And how they can gain it without faking it.

Another thing you must do is to make a dangerous admission.

Authentically admit you’ve got no magic pill even though you wish you had one. Tell me what this webinar is about and who this is for. So that the wrong people or the tire kickers can leave.

Another hook can be to ask for a low commitment. Say, “If you can give 5 minutes a day to this activity, then you can enjoy this particular skill.”

Having that initial confidence can be critical in certain niches. If your audience is overwhelmed with the massive amount of work, it needs then you can put the bar even lower to give them confidence that they can at least begin to move the needle.

I highly recommend the book – One Small Step Can Change Your Life – which helped me discover why that initial confidence and initial consistency are critical to achieving bigger goals.

But if you’re in an industry where money and health are involved then it’s better to put a disclaimer: results are not typical.

5) Melt their guilt away

Guilt, shame, low self-esteem is rarely talked about in our society. But chances are your audience is feeling guilty because everyone around them is either trying to motivate them or blame them for their problems.

But you can be different by shifting the blame.

Here’s a sample script, “what you're trying to achieve is hard. Most people don't understand this. But it's not about you, it’s those hormones, the busyness of life, the stress, the education system, the society, the government - (anything else) - that makes it hard to achieve the desired goal.”

And allow them to feel good and trust you as an expert. And once they accept you as an expert the selling becomes that much easier.

6) Introduce your story now

Notice I’m asking you to introduce yourself this deep into the webinar. Simply because first, they must decide to stick with the webinar and when they have made up their mind you can answer who you are. But what should you share and what should you hide?

I see that many coaches are almost scared to share anything about their personal lives. But believe it or not, it’s okay to talk about your family. We are social beings.

myfamilypaper min min
my family

You can talk about the challenges you (or your clients) faced and were able to overcome.

An important thing is to talk about your feelings and be vulnerable. Chances are what you feel is going to be somewhat like what most people feel.

For a life coach, describe the dull and dangerous life you (or your client) were living. Tell them about your adventures. your struggles, how you slay the dragon.

Most importantly, tell them about your coaches and mentors. This way you’re subconsciously hinting that everyone needs someone to guide them.

Here’s what we have achieved up until now:
You’ve paced them, you’ve sold them to stick with the webinar, you have told them about your story – now it’s time to introduce them to one principle.

Without the right mentors, without being there in the environment, without the feedback of a coach or mentor, any long-term change is laughable.

It’s time to drive the importance of mentoring and coaching even deeper.

I learned this from a monk, you grow what you practice. If you’re practicing meditation – the wrong way – like you’re thinking thoughts of anger, frustration, denial then you’re strengthening those neurons and you’ll have more of the negative thoughts.

Wrong way of practicing something isn’t going to benefit you.

If anything, it’s going to frustrate you. You need to do the right practice and have immediate feedback, so you make fast progress.

When you’ve someone who is there to provide you quick feedback, then you intentionally practice love, patience, and serenity and you grow those muscles. And your meditation gets even stronger.

The lesson here is that our lives are a mirror image of what is happening.

If you’re practicing “DIY” your clients will practice DIY too. If you don’t have a coach but a certificate – your clients will be happy with a certificate too.

7) Talk about the problem (content)

Any webinar, workshop, or sales letter is incomplete without sharing any content. Convincing content convinces us. It needs to be interesting, helpful… but not so helpful that people begin to think that they will be able to handle it all (because chances are they won’t even if you provide everything).

How to create that kind of interesting content?

  • Break myths.
  • Talk about the things you hate or love.
  • Tell them how the “popular ways” of doing things are so wrong.

As a health coach you can say how starving yourself and working out long hours is destroying your body.

As a life coach you can say how working hard, creating more “to-dos” isn’t making them more productive.

As a relationship coach, you can attack the belief that you must give love, give, give, give. And ignore yourself.

What was your big scary enlightening moment?

Every one of us had those moments where we decide to take matters into our own hands and find the solution.

As a health lover, I was always anxious about my health. I’d heard of horrors stories of people working until death. Even though they got a warning from their doctors, but they couldn’t change their lifestyle. I love my family and myself too much to not be there for them.

So I don’t want to go and make things so bad for myself that I’d not be able to survive.

Life coach: maybe an absolute downfall, and coming face-to-face with yourself or your loved one who trusts you. Tell them how living with the status quo is hurting them and leading a different life is easy.

This is your time you share your results to build your authority and credibility. You can share client’s case studies also.

If I want more coaching clients, then I’d say that over the years I’ve worked with many coaches. I have built their funnels. And some of them didn’t do well but some of them worked wonderfully.
And I think I’ve cracked the code for winning more coaching clients. Copy has resulted in a lot of personal wealth for me.

If you’re making this an educational piece, then ensure you’re giving some easy fix solutions.

8) Talk about coaching and mentoring.

If you never had a coach or mentor or never had feedback positively then it’ll be very hard for you to understand why they are important.

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“If you want to be given everything, give everything up.” – Tao Te Ching

Coaching and mentoring are critical for success. Napolean Hill talks about the Mastermind group and says even if you’re one person in your mastermind group then you’ve created a third-force in your life that’s guiding you for success.

For this reason, Michael Phelps had 3 coaches. Independent studies have found that the ROI of coaching is 300%-700%.

Moreover, what you practice is what you grow and attract.

Coaches who practice DIY or “micromanagement” attract DIY people. If you grow a scarcity mindset – then you’ll attract those people.

9) Give proof, proof, proof to build trust

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Can you add before-after proof elements?

Proof gives you the ultimate credibility. It could be your certificate, your credentials, your own story, or your clients’ transformation. They all add to your authority.

The more you provide the better it is.

If you visit my Upwork profile, then you’ll find plenty of testimonials as a copywriter. And the truth is even though they make up 25% of my clients it’s good enough for me to bring even more clients.

10) Lastly, offer them a customized solution or a product

This is the end. The last bastion.

And you talk about what you need to sell here. Offer them bonuses to excite them to book a call right now. Tell them why they must do it and what they stand to lose if they delay it.

Yes, you can say the offer is limited but you can also add the emotional loss they’ll bear for delaying it. Maybe more delay means more confusion, more anger, more frustration, more toxic way of living… Is the “wait-n-watch” strategy going to help the situation for them? No.

The end is always full of hope, excitement about what’s on the other side of the call or the payment page.

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In fact, you can give them an option to delay decision-making right away. Ask them to just give it a fair trial – let both of you discover how they can change the situation.

If you’re selling a product right away, then talk about your product. Make it dead simple to invest and how it makes their life easier.

Remember the better your copywriting is the better your conversion is. Alternatively, you can contact me to take a look at your website or script. And I can provide you a FREE one-page audit talking about how you can improve your script or create a grand slam script.

There I plugged my little shameless bribe. But it’s all for your good.

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