9 Things only coaches can understand

From , on December 16, 2020

My own personal development is part of the job. What else?

1) It works

You have felt, seen, and experienced its power to transform.

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It works.

2) “Limiting beliefs”

Blindspots. Stories. False assumptions. Fake news, whatever you call them. You see them all the time.

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limiting beliefs

3) All or nothing

Many clients don’t know that baby steps works.

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“This is going to be epic! Or a massive failure.”

4) Working on the weak areas hurt

I hate it. You hate it. Clients hate it. Yet a chain is as strong as it’s weakest link.

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5) We spot mixed-feelings all the time

“You won’t believe this! But seriously, I love my body. I see so many people who are insecure about themselves and are desperate for that ‘perfect figure’. I am so glad I am not like them” said the client.

And the moment you finished clapping for them they dropped the N-bomb, “Could you help me reduce teeny-weeny fat around my thighs and arms?”

Woah!! Whatever happened to the self-love…

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“I’m perfect… but no…”

6) Ready, willing, and committed

This is our trademark.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how ready, willing, and committed are you?

7) Taking things to the next level

We build courage. That’s what coaching is about. Agree?

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We push clients to achieve things they themselves don’t know are possible. 

8) We sometimes don’t know how to convince

We constantly worry about the question, “What makes you an authority on this?”

The truth of the matter is, most of the clients hire the first (and the only coach) they contact. For them, certificates are just a bunch of letters.

See proof here >> https://youtu.be/7shEBIhMfos?t=43

9) Selling isn’t my cup of tea

Coaching isn’t coke. It’s a long-term commitment for change. And you know, it isn’t always easy to sell.

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how do you sell it?

What else? Share in comments and I’ll feature you in the article.

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