Did you pay your dues?

From , on December 22, 2020

Every business owner wants to know how they can get rich and have millions of fan-following online. Many gurus sell dreams of making exorbitant passive income while sipping a pina colada on a Caribbean beach.

similarly, in the health industry, some people sell the dream of a toned body without any action. Well, here’s a story.

Once Warren Buffett was asked a typical question about how to become a great investor like him.

He said, “learn about every company in the US that has publicly traded securities (stocks).”

He added that this bank of knowledge has done him tremendous good.

The shocked reporter asked, “But there are 27,000 public companies.”

“Well, start with the A’s,” replied Buffett.

The thing is when Buffett was in his 20s he started with “Abbott” and went up to “Zenith”. He has spent an entire lifetime to pay his dues. And that’s the reason he commands the investment world.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. If you’ve to pay your dues and invest in yourself — and stay away from those “get rich quick” traps. I know I’ve fallen for them… until I realized nothing can replace Karmas, processes, and habits.

You need constant learning — life-long learning — to grow your business and evolve in a changing environment.

I know this can get overwhelming. There’ll always be a heck lot to learn… SEO, Marketing, Coaching, Copywriting… but the thing is you don’t need to wage battles in every direction.

Start with the A’s.

The most important ones. Which battle would you choose to win first? It depends on you.

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