Launch your coaching funnel... without any overwhelm

$47 valid for two days only

You are sick and tired of things NOT working out ever...

You can't spot the destined calling

You’re NOT sure in your heart you’ve validated your niche. You don’t want to realize halfway down the road that you were on the wrong path all along. It’s freezing you & blocking your growth after all how long will you beat a dead horse while others succeed easily.

You are frustrated with technology

While everyone is crazy about funnels, webinars, ads, SEO, CRO… you still have no idea how to get started. How to get your first client or the next client? The struggle is causing real physical & emotional pain. You want to be a successful coach… not some underground hacker.

You hate to be sleazy

You hate their obsession with numbers and how they bully people into buying. You don’t want to be a wolf. But it’s killing your dreams and causing your family & friends to lose faith in you. You want a business that silences the critics and makes your family proud.

Now stop beating yourself up for NOTHING. And consider this...

What if you stopped hacking... and began coaching without being someone you're not?

Are you game for it?

Here is what else is going on in 2021...

Stop the cookie-cutter tactics

Your business is different. Your audience is different. Why then you are trying to sell like everyone else? People are getting sick and tired of webinars and content. Save your energy and love of coaching by creating long-term campaigns.

Courses are a thing of past

While marketers are still stuck in the 1990s… people have had enough of those bloated courses with 5% completion rates. You want to save their marriages, renew their bodies, reverse diseases, supercharge their work-life… not drive them nuts.

We are desperate for stories

The truth is we had a hard time (and still having). And it is time you share your incredible story – with strategy. Give them MASSIVE hope. They need an angel – a coach like you – NOW more than ever.


Gain coaching clients so you rescue them

follow these 5 steps.

Step 1

My destined niche. Business snowballs when you are in the right niche. Anyhow, avoid the dead ones like a plague.

destiny min
mhat min

Step 2

Hammer your brand into their brains. Overcome noise by crafting unforgettable stories and enchanting letters.

Step 3

Empower every single client with coaching packages. Don't just deliver courses in a shiny wrapper. Nurture relationships.

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Step 4

Be a guardian of their lives, relationships, & livelihoods. Share this through your messages. Tell them what they need to hear.

Step 5

Take control of your business. Unlock your knack to win by having someone to check-in on you.

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The Coaching Accelerator Package

This is a step-by-step workshop where I’m going to reveal and help you through the steps you must take to grow. What makes me an authority? In my career I’ve sold $110 million worth of products. I started with $7 contracts and within a year went up to $10K relationships. Plus, I’ve worked for successful coaches and cracked the code. Here’s what you get inside:

Part 1

Niche Positioning Accelerator

Discover a simple fill-in-the-blank template used by Hollywood storytellers.​

Tap into the power of amazing stories. Learn their simple "story framework"

Part 2

Coaching Program Accelerator

Learn to create magical titles like bestselling authors.

Never again run with stinky titles. Plus, get my template to create an amazing title on the fly.

Part 3

Transformational Marketing Formula

Part 4

Brainstorming calls from yours truly

Who am I?

myfamilypaper min
My wife Reena and son Manan

Namaste. This is us on a vacation to Jaipur, RJ, India. Over the years we’ve designed our lifestyle to suit us. We both have personal trainers to stay fit. And as a 3-year-old, my son won 2nd place in a Taekwondo event. .

Long back, I started selling ebooks online in 2007. Then I joined the largest bank as a loan Officer. I was doing okay – sold products worth over $110 million, pulled a branch into profits within 6 months instead of 24, won awards from the big guys – until I felt the void of working in the corporate world.  

Life took another turn and I became a copywriter. I started with $7 and within a year went up to $10K relationships – yes, as a non-native. My two clients generated $700.K in 3 years. I’ll be launching my business alongside you. So you can trust me.

My mentor said this in my darkest hour: “As long as things look good, you are in it as if you’re a force of God. But when things look uncomfortable – you give up?”

After the jolt I said to myself that I commit to building divine businesses that rescues more lives, livelihoods, families… are you committed too?

Don't believe me? Look what others have said...

My rock-solid 100% money-back guarantee

seal plated min

Here’s my ironclad guarantee. Don’t decide anything now, just try the techniques, close clients, feel confident… I guarantee you’ll get the greatest experience for a minimum investment. And the reason why I’m so confident is by now I’ve seen countless clients getting the results they wanted.

I wonder how soon you become aware that you are accelerating your dreams by joining the workshop… You’ll find peace, plan, and satisfaction when you have it under control.

But the catch is... the price is valid for only 2 days.

You can be anywhere in the world and once inside I’ll share a secret page.

Who this is for...

Who this is NOT for...

Hurry, this offer expires soon...


Here's what to do next...

You get everything you need to build that coaching business… for just $47 or ₹3,777.

Why just $47? For 2-hours any pro copywriter would charge at least $110? What’s the catch? We are not going to get merc. This offer is cheap for 3 reasons. First, I’m looking for case studies. Second, once you see the value I provide you might want to do more business and hire my coaching, technology, and funnel marketing services. Lastly, this offer is an experiment. That’s it. 

Don’t miss the boat - again

What is the cost of continuing the present course?  It’s high. Each day the stress puts your and your families’ health, mental health, and finances on a roller-coaster ride. Before it does even more damage… begin moving in the right direction. The investment is a dollar a day. Skip a coffee for your business if you want.

If you can’t invest how will you ask your clients to invest?

Plus, I can’t guarantee how long will I personally conduct the workshops. Go ahead, act now and save your spot while this is still fresh in your mind. As the trillion-dollar coach Bill Campbell used to say, “Don’t F*** it up.” So book your space now and get on an adventure…

NOTE: Valid for the next 2 days only

As you click this button, you’ll be taken to a secure 256-bit checkout page from PayPal. Enter your details safely even if it’s 2 AM. And then you’ll be taken to a special page. I guarantee you’ll get your special personal 1-on-1 slot. 

As soon as you're ready continue with the checkout page

Here's everything you get:

NOTE: Valid for the next 2 days only

Fast response bonus (LIMITED-TIME OFFER)

Click the button and enter your card details now to invest $47

NOTE: Valid for the next 2 days only

Looking forward to seeing you inside,

Yours truly,
Mohinish AKA Mike

PS: Fair Warning. Like many lonely coaches, you can try to figure it out yourself… opting for years of frustrating trials and errors. That’s okay. But there’s an easy way. You can try this risk-free offer and if you succeed, result will be success and recognition. In any case, don’t screw this up. Your gifts are far too important to be doubted… let’s see how to install and launch your business


Your situation is different. Why follow what everyone else is following. I’ll save you the lengthy theories to quickly design your business and marketing with you. You hit the ground running helping families and companies.

Probably. A website and email software is a minimum. Don’t worry, this will not break the bank.

Neither do I. It’s okay. Like me you can start running ads with just $1 a day.

How much time will it take for your clients to change? It depends, right? With a bit of guidance this should take you about a week or four to launch. And thereafter continuous tweaking and optimization in the back-end.

No worries. Join the workshop and hammer it out.

If you’re from India please try this link. Or UPI ₹ 3,777 on my number 836-887-8246.

Stop all questions and get your answers inside for just $47

NOTE: Valid for the next 2 days only

So yes, basically I'll be coaching you.

Why not… If coaching has changed your life too and you want everyone in the world to know about it then get YOUR roadmap to freedom inside.

Get freedom from staying-in-the-rut.

Get freedom from convincing others.

Get freedom from “work until your dead” culture.

Get freedom from people taking you for granted.

Get freedom from not having enough.

Get freedom from working alone.

Get freedom from an unclear and scary future.

Get freedom from always suppressing your true self.

Get freedom from the guilt of not achieving much even after working so hard.

Get freedom from losing control over your business.

Get freedom from depression and go mission-driven.

Get freedom from low confidence.

NOW, begin experiencing freedom for just $47

NOTE: Valid for the next 5 coaches only

In the nature of transparency and authenticity, I do have special offers only if you’d like more. Is it required? Of course, not. Will you receive massive value & insight in this workshop? 100% yes. Some people will take the information, implement it by themselves, and evolve. Some people will see what’s possible, and know that working together is just what they need to accelerate. It’s completely up to you, but whatever you choose, I hope that you enjoy the workshop and find it useful.
DISCLAIMER: The figures stated here and discussed elsewhere are either personal or in some cases the sales figures of previous or existing mentors or clients. Please understand these results are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys “how-to” information gets little to no results. We’re using these examples for reference purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. Business entails risk as well as massive and consistent thought, effort, and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING from this website.

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