A generous, creative coach looking for people who want to change the world.

Hi. Mohinish Nirwal here… you can call me Mike.

If you have a desire to change the world with your products or services then I can show you how to build a business around your passion – and grow wings.

Mohinish Nirwal in College
Live for freedom.

About the REAL Mohinish Nirwal

  • Back in school, I was the average kid. Always either the second last or the third last in class. (though I’m satisfied I was never the last).
  • I’m lazy as a pig, but when I miss my workouts I get restless… even depressed. That’s why an online business gives me the freedom to design my lifestyle.
  • I’m old-school. I love Bhagavad Gita (Hare Krishna!) and Tao Te Ching.

I hate to beat my chest but allow me share a few successes

  • I started selling ebooks online in 2007. I was unemployed and like millions of Indians, I was preparing for government jobs. Then I found that you can make money online with blogs. I created one. Back then, I used to receive Rs. 100/- ($2) from my parents but my blog put Rs. 50000/- ($1K) in my bank account. That’s a ridiculous ROI for a dependant kid.
  • Then I joined the largest bank – State Bank of India – as a Probationary Officer. I was doing okay – sold products worth over $110 million, pulled a bank branch into profits within 6 months instead of 24, won awards from the Chairman twice, managed over a billion dollars, – until I felt the void of working in the corporate world.
  • In Mumbai, India I helped 100s of micro-businesses with microloans – and for this, I received numerous awards (reluctantly).
  • I earned $10K from just 24 jobs in Upwork. It’s tough there. I started my journey from $7 and took it up to $10K relationships.

I’m the Uncommon Copywriter

I implemented strategies for my clients and the results have been phenomenal:

Mohinish Nirwal on Upwork
My ‘Upwork Profile’

And according to Upwork, 90% of clients recommend me.

  • My clients hired me because my copy was able to beat gurus over at Clickbank. I was into sex, dating, and relationship niche. But I left that circle because AGAIN I felt like I’m not contributing to the world the way I wanted.
  • I started a men’s-health website under a “pen-name,” and to my surprise, it quickly started generating $1K a month.
  • I lead a Volleyball team against a team consisting of players much taller than us. In volleyball height matters – like basketball. We won. Because we played like a team.
  • I love working with coaches. They inspire me to live my best.
  • I have worked with almost 50 international coaches. I’ve coached them to improve their webinars, their positioning, and their stories. And that’s when I started noticing certain patterns. Why some coaches go on to taste success and help a lot of clients and why some continue to struggle. Discover 5 mistakes most coaches make here…

Here’s one of my clients:

Grisel Scarantino – Business Coach

If you have a god-given gift to pull someone from darkness – wouldn’t it be a sin if you don’t reach more people?

In my books, it is.

Maybe you are just starting out or you’re drowned with work or coaching calls and want to find a way out ASAP.

Try my proven strategies, products, and services:

Looking forward to talking with you soon,

PS: Want to see my family in traditional Indian attires?


This is Manali, HP, Himalayas

And this is me in the chilling Beas river. This is the same river that blocked Alexander’s adventure into India.


This is Rajasthan

jaipur family min

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4 thoughts on “A generous, creative coach looking for people who want to change the world.”

  1. My Blessings to you and your lovely family. I will attend the webinar today evening. Best wishes.
    My age is 70(!) years. Ex. Manager -GSFC Ltd. Baroda. Key Note Speaker and Visiting faculty at many Universities, Clubs (Rotary,Lions), NGOs, and more for Motivational & Soft Skill topics.
    (1) I am giving Inspirational lectures to Challenged person, Parents of such children, as I am a father of a son (named JIGAR), who born with Cerebral Palsy.
    (2) I am a Spiritual Story teller, –
    “Success lessons from Hanuman Chalisha”, ” Motivation from Mahabharata “.
    Best wishes for your higher and higher benchmark.

  2. Mohinish Aka Mike
    What an inspiration ❤️ is your life story. A genuine tale of how a person from the backbenches of hisclassroom can give a run for the money to those privileged ones.
    I wish you all the very best in your future endeavour.


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