15 best tips on marketing for health coaches

From , on April 1, 2021

Marketing for health coaches is mysterious. Thousands of books have been published, and yet it continues to confuse simply because coaching is not a product like a soft drink. Discover how to get high-ticket clients and build a tribe even when you’re just starting out.

I’ve been working in the field since 2017 and have seen what works and what doesn’t. Before we begin remember to take notes, answer questions, and write to me if you need help. Let’s go.

Table of Content

  1. Kill the randomness with strategy
  2. Not everyone is your client
  3. Specialized marketing for health coaches
  4. How to find the RIGHT niche
  5. How to find the REAL problem
  6. See what’s working in marketing for health coaches
  7. Create a professional Website
  8. Choose your domain name wisely
  9. What to write on the website?
  10. Organic traffic from Google (SEO)
  11. Go where they go
  12. Create a simple marketing funnel
  13. Here is the basic funnel structure
  14. How to give them new hope
  15. Where should you begin?
  16. Conclusion

Kill the randomness with strategy

Strategic marketing plan like a spider
Strategy first

Write an article, give a speech somewhere, convince someone on Facebook…

Random tactics make you feel you’re making progress. But they’ll exhaust you and destroy your business.

Create a marketing strategy. A plan that considers your experience and passion. Then execute it with a tunnel-vision discipline. If you can’t build a professional website to save your life then don’t.

Outsource and get obsessed about spreading your message, coaching clients, and building a tribe.

Not everyone is your client

In a study, people said they would prefer Apples, but ultimately selected candy bars. Additionally, people think they’re at lower risk than their peers for heart attacks and other conditions.

It means your CAN’T logically convince anyone. Attract those who know they have a need.

Specialized marketing for health coaches

What if I tell you I specialize in marketing for health coaches? Think about it. You want an expert who is GREAT at marketing for health coaches.

Similarly, staying a general health coach doesn’t hurt. But you need a massive budget to compete with the big boys.

Think like Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com. He started by selling books. Just books.

Specialization helps gain clients and followers
Specialization helps gain clients and followers

How to find the RIGHT niche

Niche equals need. It’s the problem which is waking them up at midnight.

Serve THAT need.

How to find the REAL problem

It’s NOT what it looks like.

I gained some COVID weight, and one fine day felt pain in my chest. “I can’t have a health condition.” I thought. Worried I had to reluctantly join the gym – even if it means working out with a mask.

Another example. Crystal (40-year-old) wants to lose love handles and cellulite. Or does she?

Dig deeper and you’ll find she is going through a mid-life crisis. She can’t recognize herself in the mirror. Where is her leaner self, the youthful eyes, the smooth skin? Why can’t she wake up fresh? Why is her partner losing interest in her? Why she is not able to perform at a level she wanted to? Why can’t she move like she used to? Is it going to get worse?

Crystal may not be your ideal client. But go deeper. Weight, overeating, or diseases are a medium blocking them from achieving something else. Get to that.

Apparent health problems are just a stumbling block
Apparent health problems are just a stumbling blocks to something else

WARNING: Never medically advice unless you’re qualified.

I just told an advanced tactic I learned from my mentors which is responsible for many prosperous health trainers. And if you want my Copywriting strategies, templates, cheat-sheets then discover more about my premium 30-day program here.

See what’s working in marketing for health coaches

Find prospering health coaches in the niche. Get inspiration (don’t steal) and modify their marketing to suit your brand.

Let’s say you love the Keto diet. And you know a Keto coach making a huge dent. Take inspiration. And stand on the shoulders of giants. But remember, if you can’t be the best at Keto – then don’t do it.

Create a professional Website

It’s like your business card. And a cheap business card HURTS.

A professional website that speaks to your ideal audience is one of the least investments you can make. After a few years, Facebook or Twitter may go out of fashion. But your website will always stay online generating leads and growing your business.

Why? Because it enhances trust that you are not a random stranger who is crazy about a fad.

And then when you are on Podcasts, vlog, interviews, TV shows, newspaper columns – share your website name so those who want to know more will be taken care of by your website.

expert website inspires trust
expert website inspires trust

Choose your domain name wisely

No fancy names please – loseallthefatyouwantandgetatonedbody.com

There was a time when fancy names could get you a lot of eyeballs. But that doesn’t work nowadays.

Keep your domain name as: yourname.com

When people search for you they should get to your website.

What to write on the website?

“I help anyone lose two pounds a week.” “Get rid of major diseases”. “Get leaner, meaner, and beautiful”. But they have seen these promises millions of times.

Doesn’t work.

The purpose of your home page is NOT to sell them or make a promise. It’s to give them the hope that you’re a genuine person who knows what she’s talking about. And to read the next page – which could be one of your articles or funnels or webinar.

They don’t know anything about coaching. Don’t sell another “patent-pending human body thinning serum”. They have gone there to feel. Spark good feelings.

An expert website gives them good feelings
An expert website gives them good feelings

Organic traffic from Google (SEO)

If you don’t exist on Google then you don’t exist. If you don’t do SEO (even for your own name) then don’t expect Google to do a good job either.

Things can get a lot advanced with keywords (like I got the term ‘marketing for health coaches)’. But make sure you’re NOT making this mistake.

Do you know why most health coaches miss out on organic traffic? They have a website on either Squarespace or Wix. Ahrefs studied 10 million domains and found 98.6% of Wix websites and 84.9% of Squarespace websites don’t get any traffic. WordPress beats everything else out of the water (it’s free).

In fact, my website beats Wix and Squarespace in terms of performance without spending thousands of dollars a month. So, build on WordPress.

Go where they go

Facebook? Instagram? Tik-Tok? Or some mysterious application you don’t know about? Your target clients are nearer than you realize.

If you are a wellness coach then go to offices, give free sessions, contact HR managers. Network on Linkedin.

Go to the gyms – give consultations. Create relationships and arrangements (if you know what I mean) with Personal Trainers as they see a lot of hot clients.

If they are worried about health issues – then look for clinics, rehabs, hospitals. Tell physicians you can coach their clients (and vice versa).

Go to the Church, religious or semi-religious bodies. And tell them to be a good steward for the things – the bodies – that were entrusted with them.

Network with related Podcasters, Youtubers, Facebook group admins, Instagram influencers – they all are looking for stories.

The bigger the fish, the bigger the impact you make. It might take time but it’s okay. As sales guru Chet Holmes (who partnered with Tony Robbins) used to say, be a dog with a bone about your message and strategy.

Grizzly bear eating salmon
Go where they go

Create a simple marketing funnel

In his book Dotcom Secrets, author Russell Brunson shared 7 phases on funnels, 23 building blocks of funnels, 7 different types of funnels. This overwhelms even the best hacker.

I have found that all you need is a basic funnel. Either is fine:

  • Graduate low-ticket buyers to high-ticket offers.
  • Funnel them to high-ticket offers.

Which one should you go for?

It depends. What stage your business is in? What stage of expertise are you in? Will your low-ticket offers be sufficient to satisfy them? In not, you would want to stick with working 1-on-1 with high-ticket clients. Don’t try to build Rome in a day.

Keep marketing funnels simple
Keep marketing funnels simple

Here is the basic funnel structure

Marketing for health coaches is simple.

  1. Give them hope (free information or webinar).
  2. See if they’re ready for coaching.
  3. If they are, invite them.

How to give them new hope

They have seen life and have had their share of broken promises. How to NOT disappoint?

I won’t lie, most coaches suck at sparking new hope. This is so simple that sometimes when I point this out coaches get it instantly. And when you get good at this, it improves your blogging, SEO, email marketing, speeches, copywriting, and storytelling… really all the parts of the business.

First, don’t try to convince them with certificates. Nobody cares. They are killing themselves with worries. Aim your messages to hit the RIGHT emotions.

The first step is to build rapport. Mirror their emotions. Don’t say the tragedy is a gift when they’re crying. Acknowledge their commitment and doubts. I give a great example here.

Then give them 3 easy techniques they can try and feel accomplished. Don’t make them feel like a failure – AGAIN. Make it so simple that it’s HARD to fail.

Lastly, ask them to apply for a (free) session for personalized help.

Want even more? Go and discover my 18 marketing tips for coaches.

Where should you begin?

Begin with defining the three Circles or questions that author Jim Collins of Good to Great identified:

a) What’s your passion? (niche)
b) What you can be best at? (problem, need, or strategy)
c) What’s the best economic indicator you think will tell you that you’re making progress? (mostly lifetime value per client)

Or begin with the 5 things that stops coaches accomplish what they set out to do.


Marketing for health coaches is full of overwhelm and conflicting advice. Stick with one thing or strategy, and continue with it.

The best strategy is to get online funnels built. They allow you to focus on spreading your messages at the right places. Building an ultimate coaching business machine from the scratch takes an investment of time, finances, and hard work. Discover why 96% of coaching businesses fail and how to stop making those 5 mistakes.

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