Nishkama Karma And Business

From , on September 30, 2020

Can you be a Nishkama Karma yogi (selfless action taker) and a Businessman or woman at the same time?

How could you be spiritual and aim for MASSIVE profits?

How to control your greed glands, charge high prices… and yet contribute back to society?

If these questions bother you then today let me reveal how these questions have stopped bothering me.

So I’ll tell you a personal story.

Today morning I was so exhausted after the gym. I thought I’m getting old… instantly a random voice said, “what should we do…”

Instantly… “OMG, DO SOMETHING”…
You’re gaining weight, losing muscle mass, declining Testosterone hormones…


Then another thought crossed, “The One who made me, who gave me thick black hair and gave me a handsome body – if he’s giving me a few white strands of hair then so what”.

What did I give Him back? What can I give Him?

Then I sat in my home office, I thought I won’t be able to do anything today. I feel so tired. The messages were waiting for my reply. And I just sat to write… and I thought this Karmayogi has no energy.

Another voice inside me said, “Just go on. Do your duty. It doesn’t need to be perfect. I’m not your parent or spouse.”

I smiled.

“Just give your best to give back to the world with whatever strength that is left in your body.”

“It’s enough.”

It was such a relief that the Higher Powers won’t criticize me unless I’ve got bad intentions. So I set an intention to contribute and work.

I was surprised by the flow of thought. I wrote… and I realized that I’ve got the power to make an impact through my blog, videos, and audios.

We are not in the habit of setting an intention before we start our work… it takes a minute. And probably the best intention is to contribute to the progress of the world. And in that give our best.

Did you know that Lord Krishna himself was a very good businessman? And as a King he used to advise businessmen to scale up, to innovate and, of course, to pay taxes.

I know that by charging higher, I’d invest back into my own learning.

I’d hire better writers, or invest in better skills that enable me to contribute even more or add value in what I produce.

When I make higher profits, I allow myself a chance to evolve faster. And with that, I’ll help my followers to evolve faster, spiritually and economically.

If I don’t book higher profits, I’ll not be able to learn from advanced mentors.

But then it’s all intention… what about the state of the mind when you’re ACTUALLY doing the work?

Akarma – The Peak State Of A Karmayogi

When you get so involved in your actions that you lose your identity and only the action remains then you’ve achieved that peak state of Akarma – where you don’t do anything and yet you do everything.

For example, as I’m writing this post and I don’t need to worry about numbers… who’ll read it, who’ll buy my products, how many of them will they buy? All these things are meaningless.

But if I’m able to transform even one soul, even one family, even one business then I think I’ll be a victory of this Karmayogi.

What do you think? Can you be spiritual and book profits? Do you think it’s just greed? Comment below.

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