Getresponse: My Review + ($32K)BONUSES

From , on July 28, 2020

Yes, you’ve heard it right.

Money. Is. In. The. List.

According to many estimates, email beats every marketing medium out of the water.

Every dollar you spent on email gives you $40- $44 back.

This is almost double of what you get from SEO ($22.24), Display ads ($19.72), mobile ($10.51), Keyword Ads ($17), Banner Ads ($2). (Source: Neil Patel)

But when it comes to email marketing services there are so many options and each one is drop-dead gorgeous than the rest.

getresponse vs others

Now, to survive a cut-throat competition you need these 3 things like oxygen.

  1. More leads.
  2. Get their money.
  3. Get them to buy more frequently.

And email allows you to achieve all this.

Let me tell you a secret.

There’s an email service which can handle your funnel, your webinar, your landing pages… and a ton of things… BUT…

Before you jump with excitement…

Let me pour some cold water on you. It’s NOT perfect.

And it’s great if you’re just starting out and doesn’t have hundereds of dollars to invest right away.

It’s All About ROI – baby.

I decided to stick with them for 3 simple reasons.

To get started quickly, easily track my leads, and shortern my learning curve.

Try Getresponse for FREE

Again, it’s not perfect but it’s giving me a higher bang for my buck.

1) Is this the best Email Service Provider?

Yes. And no.

First, I’m not an email delivery expert. But I’ve seen emails from the most expensive service providers landing in my Spam box.

But if you’re not spamming, your emails will get delivered (Secret tip: have your subscribers reply back to you).

Moving on.

2) Webinar Platform

Definitely, there’s a learning curve.

It so happened that the browser was messing up my mic. And my voice was missing. I figured this out much later. Now, I monitor my webinars from another laptop.

So, get comfortable with the buttons before you hold the webinar. But you can do a heck lot of things, no doubt.

I’ve attended their webinars and they’re okay.

3) What about Landing Pages?

I agree Getresponse has a long way to go here.

Don’t even think about creating something from scratch. Pages are not automatically responsive — you have to tweak pages for mobile.

Stick with their basic templates like I’ve done here.

4. Okay, but can you really deliver your products?

I’ve seen some of the best marketers providing their courses through emails.

If you’ve got an info-product or you want to teach skills online then yes, you can teach through emails (you can upload a few files).

With email course delivery, you are teaching your audience to create a separate folder for you and to open your emails.

What about security? If big wigs of Hollywood are NOT able to solve piracy, then who are we?

5. Lastly, the best client service


The live chat is very friendly.

They’ll hold your hand and solve any problem you might be facing.

Before you go…

Here’s my another tip and bribe for you.


You know, more than the tool what matters is that you send the right email to your list.

And if you buy through this link (aff link) I’ll send you an email template that resulted in $32,000 sales. It’s a battle-tested email and I’ve used it many times successfully.

You can easily tweak it according to your needs and get sales.

To get this email — send me a message (with payment details) through the contact page. And I’ll immediately revert back.

And don’t hesitate to contact me if you get stuck anywhere… invest in Getresponse now because more than anything I want you to succeed at email marketing.

And I’ll do anything to help you get more out of your email marketing.

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