Elementor Pro review: why I recommend this

From , on June 12, 2021

Here’s my Elementor Pro review after using it for many months. I’ll share constructive feedback so you can make an informed decision.

If you’re on WordPress (you should), I recommend you have the Elementor Pro plugin to build marketing landing pages.

But before that yes a few of the links below are affiliate links so I earn a commission if you go on to use them. It keeps me motivated to write more in-depth and honest reviews.

Elementor Pro review: a bird’s eye view.

If you’re in a hurry just read this. Overall I highly recommend Elementor (but hate some parts of it). My rating: 4 out of 5

Major pros of Elementor theme:

  • Beautiful landing pages or sections for web pages.
  • A low-cost option for creating funnels.
  • It replaces many lead generation apps and plugins.
  • Build pop-ups, forms, evergreen countdowns, decoy buttons, etc.
  • Many templates to work with.

Major Cons:

  • Things are designed for beauty – not performance.
  • Makes my website slow. I want SEO traffic – so I would never use it to create a website.
  • Horrible in terms of speed performance.
  • Editor sometimes breaks – I’m paranoid about saving my work.
  • Not many marketing templates that I can just plug and play.
  • Recent pricing updates highly controversial.

Here’s my detailed review.

The cons in detail

First, let’s start with some constructive criticism as I feel a lot of Elementor Pro reviews always try to side with the company.

Bloated and lousy development hurting your user’s trust.

You want to develop an online business that feels trustworthy to users. One way is your SSL lock. And it’s important for SEO too.

My major complaint against the plugin is that it is bloated or that somewhere the coding is lousy or broken.

elementor pro ssl min
Elementor breaks SSL

For example, I have an SSL certificate for my website – the “HTTPS” lock in the URL gets broken. Unfortunately, it’s the plugin that breaks this lock. You must use one more plugin to fix the issue (Really Simple SSL).

This is beyond my understanding. Why Elementor hasn’t fixed this for all these years? You’re paying for an SSL and smart coding. Right?

Since this is bloated I design my website with GeneratePress Pro theme.

A confusing block editor.

The native WordPress block editor is frankly great for basic needs. However, if you want to go slightly advanced then Elementor Pro is amazing.

But my experience was less than great… what you see isn’t always what you get. The text editor and the screen window sometimes confuse you.

UPDATE: The following issue seems to be fixed in the recent update.

For example, when I click on a text editor block the cursor goes to the end of the paragraph. And if the block is big… you’ve written a lot of text then you have to go all the way back to find that spot where you want to go.

Another issue is the usual right-click doesn’t work. So you can NOT correct a grammar mistake easily. Watch yourself:

Can’t fix grammar mistake

Then often there’s “error in saving” (Update: it happens when the plugin has NOT been updated on your website.)

Sometimes I create long landing pages with lots of tweaking. And I have made it a habit to save after every single line.

And when the page gets longer the saving process sometimes take 30 secs to save. I have learned to NOT touch anything. I’m paranoid of “error in saving”.

Templates beyond my understanding

Recently I liked a teddy bear template and decided to use it. It was that cute.

Result: I wasted half an hour figuring out how to change the teddy bear picture and replace it with something useful.

Why not keep the templates simple? Why use hacks and negative margins to align pictures and text that a normal user will find hard to work with?

The product should be simple first, not feature rich.

Not mobile optimized.

I can’t blame this one on the Elementor alone. Almost all the page developers I have worked with suffer from this. It’s a pain to check everything on mobile and desktop and tablet. I’m NOT a developer but instead of using pixels why not use percentages to create webpage templates?

Maybe it’s a stupid idea. But something should be done to create a seamless mobile optimization.

The pros

You might think I hate Elementor Pro but here’re the reasons why you should have it.

Amazing features for a decent landing page

I love the countdown timer – and the ability to make it evergreen.

Another feature I love is the ability to make a button appear after a certain time – it’s great for those decoy landing pages where you want to hide the payment button until the user wants to click it.

Then ability to create mobile-optimized pop-ups (thankfully). And clickable pop-ups. Pop-up after a pop-up. Watch this short clip:

You can create whatever you can think of.

Share your webpages with others

This is great. Once you create a page you can share it with others. Or you can duplicate it on your own website (though duplication SHOULD have been made easier).

Tons of help documents and videos

Thousands of people use it and love it. And this is a good news because you can find easy solution to most of your problems. And then they have their own forums (which I have yet to visit).

Overall, you’ll have total control over your website without much problem.

Elementor Pro Review: Conclusion

Even though it needs a lot of improvement I still feel it’s worth the investment. At $49 it does a superb job. Click here to try the pro plugin yourself with a 30-day money-back guarantee…

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