3 Best Ways to Earn Money Online

From , on November 9, 2020

Since 2007, I’ve tried plenty of ways to earn money online. And I finally found 3 dignified and real ways to make more money.

Although for many people, hustling means cleaning cars, babysitting, and dog walking.

This is far from the truth.

So instead of writing “50+ JUNK JOBS” — I’m going to show you the only 3 ways working RIGHT NOW.

Of course, it depends on how hungry you are. But they work whether you’re a home-maker, a trainer, a retired army colonel, or a student.

Disclaimer: Some of the products I am recommending in this article include affiliate links, which may provide us with a small commission at no cost to you. It’s a way for us to support our website. This article contains all of our best ways to earn money online and includes all the tricks, techniques, along with products and software we recommend. You can read our affiliate disclosure.

Let’s get started.

3 reasons to Earn Money Online

AI is going to replace many jobs.

Recently, I read how Microsoft UK replaced 27 staff with AI software. And one member said,

“I spend all my time reading about how automation and AI are going to take all our jobs, and here I am – AI has taken my job.”

As you read these words, rest assured… I’ve crafted every word here.

Better Lifestyle Choices

Making money online gives you freedom. Because you control your time. If you want you can play with your kids at noon.

Overcome Corona threat

The safety of my family comes first.

Three Fastest Ways To Earn Money Online

Start Freelancing

freelance profile
Top Rated @ Upwork

Good freelancers are always busy.

And if you’ve got the right “outlook” then you can quickly be in demand. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to get started.

All you need is a few basic “employable” skills (mixed with marketing). Quickly, eLearn a skill and find clients over at Fiverr or Upwork.

a few In-Demand skills.

  • Copywriting

I’m a bit biased. Do you know that 80% of businesses fail in the first five years? No surprise we need more copywriters.

Here’re a few people who were Copywriters first:

  1. Hugh Hefner (Playboy).
  2. Salman Rushdie.
  3. James Patterson (planet’s best-selling author since 2001).
  4. F. Scott Fitzgerald (author of The Great Gatsby).


  • Graphic and Design

I’m teaching my “busy” wife some skills so she can grow her own side-hustle.

And the list goes on.

  • Coding and Programming
  • App development
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Graphic, Video, and Audio Editing
  • Translating
  • Voice Artists
  • Lead Gen (Data Entry)
  • Music, Recording
  • Virtual Assistants

Browse Upwork or Fiverr and you should find something related to your experience or talents.

This guy has 10 orders in the queue for the market research!


See, who all is earning well in your field and get started.

At the time of this writing, I see new categories added like:

  • Legal and HR Consulting
  • Cooking lessons


  • Easy to start
  • Committed freelancers climb quickly


  • Platforms can be whimsy. Something breaks and you’re toast.
  • Your income is tied to the number of hours you put in.

Frankly, I hire a lot.

Surprisingly, I reject 95% of the proposals.

To Gain Clients Quickly, Here’s What You Can Try.

  • Have a personalized website.

Build a website with your own domain name. Like I’ve my own name as domain: MohinishNirwal.com. This increases trust — which is scarce online.

  • Add a few samples. The good news is you can showcase your skills with your own samples – no client work needed.
  • A clear professional photo.
  • A basic marketing skill – so you can actually find clients outside of these platforms too. My Upwork earnings are like 20% of what I earned off of it.
  • And most importantly, an attitude of “nothing less than 5-star testimonials.”

As you get better or have enough clients you can even shift to the ‘consultations or retainers’ mode (my favorite).

Teach Your Gifts — Around The World

How about adding another stream of income?

Can you pass on your knowledge, passion, or skill to the next generation or those who are starting out?

Welcome eLearning.

For the next few years, this is going to be one of the most preferred modes of learning.

Consider this to be the Modern Distance Education – which has grown by 900% since the turn of the century… and is not slowing down any time soon.

It’s predicted to reach $438.71 Billion by 2027.

438billion min

How much is that?

$400 Billion are like 4,000 massive 53-foot trucks stuffed with $1 bills. Want some of this?

Couple this with the fact that consumers are going to prefer online shopping — at least until we’ve got a vaccine. Imagine the rapid growth.

eLearning is like the “new oil” of the 21st century.

these 11 broad categories are kind of hot.

  1. Personal Finance: Teach people ways to save and/or earn more.
  2. Technology: Blockchain, AI, and hundreds of all the sci-fi stuff.
  3. Career: help them gain promotion or become indispensable at work.
  4. Creative Endeavors: Art, illustrations, web developers…
  5. Parenting: help parents raise smart kids.
  6. Business & Entrepreneurship:
  7. Social Media & Blogging: help clients expand their reach.
  8. Freelancing: help them earn more.
  9. Marketing,
  10. News, Culture & Entertainment, and
  11. Self-Improvement (huge).

Here’s a video: Earn $1K Passive Income With Your Skills

products you can Sell:

Automated Courses:

Passionate people talk too fast. And dump every detail like Google. To avoid overwhelming your students, exploit a step-by-step approach.

Design “Micro wins” and “Macro Wins”.

As the name suggests – reinforce your students with quick wins.

I’ve talked about these things in detail in the Laptop Lifestyle Secrets.

But understand it’s all about “chunking it down”.

Memberships websites

Imagine Amazon Prime – low priced but predictable profits. You’re not worried about new leads and new sales every month.


Those who want to gain pro skills can gain personal 1-on-1 coaching. And there’s no limit. Tony Robbins charges a few million dollars for that.

The best way for you to start is by creating group coaching products.

Affiliate Income

This is like referral programs.

Let’s say you like Gucci’s perfume — and you offer a genuine review about the product. You share the pros and cons.

And when your followers buy through your unique referral link you get a monetary reward.

However, this shouldn’t be your main strategy to earn. Why?

Because you’ve no control over those platforms. You want to reduce unpredictable black-swan events.

Having said that I feel wonderful when I receive one of these commission emails.

affiliate commission
My Commission @ 2008

# 1 Mistake e-Teachers Make.

Wrong Niche Selection.

They either go too broad “I’m a life coach.”

Or go too narrow, “I work with 15-year-old students.”

How do you eat a whale?

Smaller chunks.

So the best way to define yourself and earn money online is to venture into a sub-niche.

Avoid micro-niches though. A micro-niche could be branding yourself as a Keto diet coach.

You never know when the diet (or the niche) goes out of favor.

But here’s something interesting… when you treat this as a serious business you see rapid ‘Silicon Valley’ type of growth.

Another Mistake Is Not Owning The Platform

masterclass min

Have you seen those courses offered by celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Natalie Portman, Nawazuddin Siddiqui?

The mistake is they do not own their platform.

What happens when they or the platform move out of the limelight?

They’ll find another limelight.

But as for the other teachers, who rely upon platforms like YouTube, Udemy, or Skillshare, etc. — it’ll be hard.

That being said, it’s a fact that eLearning is soon going to touch $438.71 Billion.

If you want to discover more I recommend Laptop Lifestyle Secrets.


  • Passive Income potential is great.
  • You’re building a legacy you’re gonna be proud of for a long time.


  • The Ultimate Problem: It needs even more marketing than just being a freelancer.
  • You need to learn how to understand your audience. And position your products as a hurdle they need to cross.
  • You need to be prolific.

More Business Ideas Where The Growth Potential Is MASSIVE.

  • Clothing Line or Any Branded Product

Do you have a fashion designer inside you? Find a niche and sell physical products online.

  • Merchandise – ECom store
  • Handcrafted products (Etsy)
Amazon share
image source: VisualCapitalist.com

As you can see. Amazon has cornered 50% of the eCom market. Yet, it accounts for only 5% of retail sales.

The truth is eCom needs serious discipline and marketing muscle.

You must have pricing, (international) shipping – and a whole bunch of other strategies in place.

Probably, the best guy to learn from is Ezra Firestone.

Now coming to something that’s always been hot.

What’s Common Between These Three People?

2 ppl collage min

  • JK Rowling.
  • Einstein.
  • Chetan Bhagat.

They created something out of nothing.

Become A Creator

This is a completely different realm where few ventures.

You become a medium for the higher power to create something beautiful. With creativity, you can change a culture.

To succeed you must discover your inner powers. It can take some time before you see the results.

Here’s how I see people contribute:

  • Humor is a good way to go… See, Joe Rogan… In India, we have Kapil Sharma.

Joe Rogan recently closed a $100 Million deal for his podcast.

  • Start a Podcast or a YouTube Channel. No need to appear on TV. (Though Podcasts do not work in India.)

Indeed, we’ve 31 million YouTube Channels. And nowadays people upload as much content in 30 days as we have produced in 30 years.

But there’s hope.

People — err… a kid like 8-year-old Ryan Kaji is earning $26 million for reviewing toys.

That’s no typo.

That’s twenty-six million dollars for an eight-year-old kid — for reviewing toys. Here’s proof:

ryan kaji min

Long-tail is the way to go — serve a small niche. Instead of Cricket (where matches are often fixed), I play & watch 2 War-Robot Gaming channels.

Here’re the biggest YouTubers with their field.

  • Dude Perfect: $20 million. Humor Youtuber.
  • Anastasia Radzinskaya: $18 million. Did you know Anastasia is a 6-year-old Youtuber kid?
  • Rhett and Link: $17.5 million. Humor Youtubers.

Sometimes I feel kids have more earning potential then we adults.

Probably, because they don’t stop learning.

Clearly, there is no limit to what you can achieve online.

I recommend while you’re discovering your strengths and bypassing your weakness — support yourself with Freelancing and Teaching.

Some more ideas:

  • Writing

If you have a writer streak then you can start with Amazon Kindle, or Audible.

  • Useful Apps,
  • Plugins,
  • Websites or Products,
  • Singing,
  • Filming,
  • Photography
  • Anything where you can impact a lot of lives with your creativity.

You just need the right outlook.

Something Steve Jobs had – to strive for a life-transforming experience.

I hope I was able to design that for you.

And did you know that you can change someone’s life by pointing them towards this post? Okay, enough selling.

Final Thoughts On Earning Money

If I can describe the online earning potential today in one word then I’ll say, “MASSIVE.”

While it’s far from being a Gold Rush. But I frankly believe we’re just getting started.

So which technique are you going to take advantage of? Write in the comments.

Action Steps For Today

  1. Register your domain name (YourName.com) from NameCheap
  2. Build your business on Bluehost
  3. Install WordPress (or just ask Bluehost people to do it)
  4. Learn and teach a skill
  5. Earn money online
  6. Try Laptop Lifestyle Secrets

PS: High-Risk, Low-Returns Things to Avoid

Yes, business entails risk. But the following ideas don’t offer the returns for their risks.

  • Trading (unless you follow George Soros)
  • Surveys
  • Browsing web for money
  • P2P Lending (Believe me, I was a banker).
  • CrowdSourcing sites

So which method will you use to earn money online?

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