What’s stunning Copywriting [EXAMPLES]

From , on June 4, 2021

Copywriting basically is using the right words and images in front of the right audience to get them to take some action.

Table of Content

  1. What is sucky Copywriting?
  2. Examples of sucky copy
  3. How to spot sparkling Copywriting
  4. Examples of good copy
  5. Conclusion

Advertisers use copywriting to change the perception of a product. It’s an art and science of using words to sell.

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But don’t make the mistake of limiting copywriting to “writing the text of ads”. Governments employ copywriters to sell – tell us how well they are doing. Political parties use copywriters to raise funds. And to convince us why the other party is acting against us. Religious institutes use copywriting strategies. Newspapers and magazines editors use it to gain our attention and sell their wares.

Anytime you need action – you need Copywriting strategies. And Copy is the written text (like this text).

In this article, I’m going to share what exactly is Copywriting. But I’ll stick myself to the business environment only.

What is sucky Copywriting?

what is copywriting
Bad copy should be illegal. And probably is…

Let’s talk about bad copy first because a lot of businesses are cranking them out. And once you know what’s bad, you’ll realize the good.

There’s no such thing as a “killer copy”

If you spotted a “killer” copy then believe it or not it’s a poor job. The writer attracted attention to the writing. And the persuasion is lost.

If the prospect realizes he/she is being taken advantage of, everything backfires.

It’s not content marketing

Content marketing is reaching out to your audience with a massive amount of content or information. Copywriting is a tool to reach them persuasively. If you’re good at copywriting then your content will be firing on all cylinders.

It’s not a way to make a fast buck

It’s not steroid you inject once and turn your marketing into Hulk. It’s part of a process.

Being creative or humorous isn’t Copywriting

I love those genres but they can’t sell your wares effectively.

“When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative.’ I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.”

David Ogilvy

Examples of bad copy

Trash. Trash. Trash.

Let’s see if you agree.

Bad copy example #1: Underground black book

Who else wants to trash this?

Bad copy example #2: Call me what?

This is stupid.

And I used to wonder who write these kinds of things until I googled “copywriting agency.”

Bad copy example #3: Number one Copywriting agency

I’d love to hire the number one agency but the problem is – it’s debatable.

number one copywriting agencies
Son of a gun – two number one agencies?

Someone could have said, “We are number two. But we try harder.” Let’s move on to the most abused phrase in English.

Bad copy example #4: World’s number one brand

worlds number one brand
I’m sorry you missed out on the BIG sale offer.

Don’t claim it if you can’t prove it. Right? Did you find them useful? Please help me spread the word as a lot of businesses need it.

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Finally, how to spot sparkling Copywriting

Sparkling copy
Sparkling copy

If you’re still with me then here’s a secret. If you want to spot killer copy then check your credit card statements. See the products you’ve bought and read their advertising. Something worked and that’s why you bought them.

Examples of good copy

Good copy example #1: Relationship coach for women

Notice a strong call for action “Get My Video”… and the subhead, “Best secrets to meetings, attracting and keeping your Mr. right.”

relationship coach copy mike min
Relationship coach Matthew Hussey

Notice a genuine face. And a damn sexy too.

Good copy example #2: IntrovertedAlpha – dating coach for shy men

One thing that stands out is the subhead – “attract women naturally, without being someone you’re not”. I’d call it a killer.

relationship coach sarah min
Men’s dating coach Sarah Jones

Good copy example #3: The Like Switch book

Recently I purchased this book. What pushed me was the fact that it was written by an Ex-FBI agent. And it has a crazy metaphorical title, “the Like Switch”.

Good copy example #4: iMovie from Apple

imovie min
Who else wants to be a better storyteller?

iMovie is Apple’s free video editing software. Notice how copy starts with an action verb – “tell”. And an emotional benefit – “tell stories like never before.” And then also notice, how the software MAKES it easy for you to do the cool things. This “DOINGNESS” of the product makes the copy come alive.

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As you have seen bad copy hurts – like bad advice. Copywriting is a lever which when put to good use can move mountains.

Although a ton of things goes into good copy and if you would like to work with me then get in touch with me. Or discover my 6-figure Sales Copy secrets – a step-by-step program from the comfort of your home and upgrade your marketing.

If you’ve any question, please drop them in the comments and I’ll try to help you out. Or please help me spread the message:

Bad copy hurts – like bad advice. Copywriting is a lever which when put to good use can move mountains. Click To Tweet

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