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From , on May 6, 2021

Hey there, as you can see from the image, I’m Upwork’s top-rated copywriter from India – probably the only one from India.

Consider this:

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According to ThinkWithGoogle, 63 percent of shopping occasions begin online. Almost 80% of new leads never wind up making a purchase at all (MarketingSherpa). And 68% of companies have not identified or attempted to measure their sales funnel (SalesForce).

The truth is most entrepreneurs have an unoptimized sales funnel and that’s why their funnels leave money on the table.

Here’s proof:

• My Upwork profile has 20+ five-star reviews.
• My copy has generated over $400,000 in upfront sales for my clients.
• 90% of the clients recommend me (according to Upwork).
• My clients get their work on time.

Testimonials from awakened entrepreneurs like you

Here’s one.

Testimonial for copywriter from india
Testimonial from 7-figure astro-dating coach

A few more from LinkedIn:

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Recommendation from Life coach Kaley

One last…

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Recommendation from business coach, Grisel

If you want more please visit my Upwork profile. I hope you’ve realized that my copy converts.

To plug all the holes you get:

  • Seductive short or long-form sales letters.
  • Irresistible Webinar or Workshop or VSLs (script or final video).
  • Crunchy Emails follow-up campaigns (SMS messages).
  • Overtaking your social media handles (+ running ads for your brand).
  • A high-quality website or funnel that keeps the right client.
  • A full online business-in-a-box installed for you.

BEFORE you PayPal any money or hire me at Upwork

Book an appointment and let’s chat first.

I can work in these niches:

• Health,
• Relationship, and
• Business,
• Personal Development.

That means I also ensure:

• Your brand and its story are intact.
• I make no overly hyped claims.
• You get your work on time.
• Your workload is reduced so you focus on the important things.
• You don’t waste time trying to find the right person.

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