Should You REALLY Take Business Risks?

From , on September 30, 2020

A lot of business books and gurus cry out… “get out of your comfort zone”.

Google throws about 13,80,000 results for the search term “yes, entrepreneurs are risk-takers”

Movies have drilled in our minds:

“Have a dream? Got to take huge risks.”

Some even define things like “calculated risks.”

Well, I don’t understand.

You know, obesity is a huge risk factor. And yet millions of people are riding that risk every day!

Want more?

Drink and drive, jumping red lights, breaking traffic rules.

It’s recommended that entrepreneurs build their own list and start a blog

And yet, most entrepreneurs don’t!

And the biggest risk — not investing in themselves.

Obviously, experts failed to understand why people have these “comfort zones” in the first place.

What purpose does it serve?

And the million-dollar question.

How do you move out of your comfort zone?

For example, being perfectionists is a mistake… not doing what you got to do is a mistake.. not recognizing and unleashing your hidden talents is a mistake.

But now what?

Should you recklessly push yourself out of your comfort zone? And be too hard on yourself?

Yes, for some people it works.

But for most of us, it does not.

To prove my point, I’ll take out the big guns and tell you 3 stories.

1. People say I took a huge risk by quitting my government job (sarkari naukri).

But understand that I’d a lot of past experience of online marketing.

I was doing this after college.

I tried to secure myself when I joined a PSU Bank.

And as a loan officer, I saw business owners taking a huge risk by buying 5 Mercedes (and then struggling to pay off the debt).

If you want to create a successful web business then you need to take confident steps. Small or big steps? Doesn’t matter.

But you need that belief first.

2. Warren Buffett would never throw a penny on risky companies.

He would never touch those “buzz stocks” even with a ten-foot pole.

Meanwhile, Buzz stocks are the stocks “experts” talk about on TV shows all day long.

Probably… maybe… just maybe these experts made a killing out of them.

But Warren only buys (in billions) what he understands. And is confident enough.

3. Rcom took a risk.

They could not figure out that people wanted GSM phones, not CDMA. And paid the price.

Risk is contextual. You got to understand your style.

If you feel like you’re taking a huge risk or NOT taking a risk then first, figure out why you or a part of you think that it’s a “risk.”

When I feel something to be a “risk” I stop and figure out what is it that I’m forgetting. Why do I feel I am not prepared?

And I always get great answers from my subconscious mind.

Do you feel something is blocking your business progress?

Or you feel you are not able to achieve the level of results you want?

Share your experience.


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