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From , on June 3, 2021

How many of these amazing tips do you know?

First of all, why do I pay attention to Apple Marketing?

The reason is simple. Because the legendry coach Bill Campbell served as VP of sales and marketing at Apple. He influenced Apple and you’d want to dive into Apple’s marketing to understand how his mind worked.

So basically we are learning from a trillion-dollar-company and the trillion-dollar coach.

Plus, like coaching services – Apple is a premium product. When it was first unveiled critics said it was too expensive and won’t do well. But…

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1. It’s okay to be “highly controversial”.

This subhead isn’t as controversial as to what Apple did back in 1984. They didn’t have the product but ran ads.

They hired the best film director and created 1984. Bill and Steve loved it but the board of directors hated it and called it “highly controversial”.

At this point, most people would follow the rules. Turns out, when the final decision came down to Bill he said, “F*** it. Let’s run it.”

Needless to say, the next day everyone in the media was talking about the upcoming Apple product. The lesson is, it’s okay to be controversial.

You’re not there to please people. Suck it up to the fact that some of your opinions are not aligned with the “pop culture”.

2. Have something big bold ballsy to say…

Or don’t say anything at all.

When Steve Jobs introduced iPhone in 2007 his slogans were, “Apple reinvents the phone.” And “This is only the beginning.”

And that “big bold ballsy” trend continues in 2021.

Apple marketing for coaches
Make a bold statement, or don’t make any.

And here are some of the recent bold statements:

  • “Clearly tougher than any smartphone glass.”
  • “A14 Bionic is the fastest chip in a smartphone…” (seems like out of a sci-fi movie).
  • “First camera ever to record in Dolby Vision”

Contrary to this, marketing from most coaches is anything but bold.

3. What will your clients get? What will they own?

When you own an iPhone you get…

iphone marketing lessons
you GET a film studio

And who doesn’t want to look like a million dollars?

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Now pay attention here…

4. Intrigue with your processes

Who cares about ceramic?

apple shield min
iPhone’s “shield”

When you click “Find out how” you’ll be treated with the fact that the iPhone’s glass is created out of a thing that wasn’t transparent! And with this, you’ve pinched their minds to pay attention.

Describe your processes in detail and people will believe you’ve taken a lot of care and it is better. Go a step further by using stories.

story min
Stories grab you

5. Maths give you credibility (even if you’re not good at it)

apple number min
Use numbers

Numbers give you credibility.

Impressive numbers are even better.

apple trillion min

CAUTION: If it doesn’t come out of a credible source, don’t quote it.

Fortunately, coaching is friends with economics. In a research, ICF found that having a coach gives you almost 300%-700% ROI.

Anyhow, make sure you’re doing it right.

For example, when somebody quotes something like this: “11 million people lose their jobs because of their bosses.” It makes me feel like I’m just a statistic for you. That’s one place where quoting figures can backfire.

6. Use “that means”

The new iPhone box is smaller and hence it “eliminates over 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually”.

So what the heck does that mean?

It means “450,000 fewer cars on the road per year”.

They could have gone a step deeper by adding, “that’s almost a tenth of the cars in NYC.” But maybe that would not have made a great impact.

Similarly, notice the clear use of “that means” in this copy.

apple presume min
Tell them what does THAT means

7. Play with words…

I stole this from their website:

  • Big news. Mini news.
  • Even the little things are a big deal.
  • We reduced our carbon footprint. By thinking inside the box.
  • Face it. Nothing beats Portrait mode.
  • Automatic magic.
  • Blows other phones out of the water.
  • 5G goes Pro.
  • A new day for night mode.
  • Camerus maximus
  • More detail. In the blink of AI.
  • Kicks glass.
  • download huge files on the go or stream high-quality HDR movies. Without. All. The. Lag.
  • Surgical-grade
  • Working at the speed of thought.

People at Apple understand that they need to give mini rewards to their readers. And this clever play of words is like candies for our minds.

I confess I suck at this skill. Rarely I come across a coach who is good at writing. The thing is it’s okay. Just understand this concept and continue to upskill and focus on influence.

One more thing, if you want to put the power of copywriting in your business then go get 6-figure sales copy secrets. It gives your business – the copywriting teeth.

8. Use power words

Power words have a story of their own. They can make listeners’ hearts race faster. For example, you can describe an ice-cream as “okay” (a completely different meaning) but you can also call it “delicious and chocolaty”… and this makes a listener pay attention and feel it.

Here’re a few power words from Apple:

  • New
  • Super
  • Fastest
  • Blast
  • Mini but mighty.
  • Fresh
  • Incredible
  • Dramatic
  • Vibrant
  • Magic
  • Amazing
  • Zap

Here’s a list of 500 Power words at the click of a button so you never fail to get their attention.

9: Solve the biggest problem first

Why iPhone has a new slogan “Blast past fast”? Why this? And not, “get a new phone.”

It’s referring to the speed.

  • fast processor.
  • fast network – 5G
  • fast charging
  • fast gaming

Who this is aimed for?
Users who are frustrated with a slow phone. Now they can have a phone which is faster than others. Like a car that blasts past other vehicles the moment a red light turns green. It is a power in your hands. Anyone can feel the pride to own it.

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